HP Solutions and Products

We provide a comprehensive selection of HP solutions and products through our global distribution and supply network. Whether you need new, used, refurbished, certified, obscure, end-of-life, constrained or bulk HP equipment, Clear Source IT can locate it for you at a competitive price. We specialize in helping organizations build and grow their IT infrastructures with competitive prices and top quality support.

HP solutions and products we offer

  • HP 460c Gen8 and Gen9 with enclosures
  • Proliant 360/380/580 Servers – Gen7 to Gen9
  • Proliant 385/465 Gen8 Servers
  • HP Options – Drives, Memory, NICs, Enclosures
  • HP Storage – MSA, Tape Libraries, Tape Drives, D26/2700 and D36/3700 Enclosures

If you don’t see what you need, call our sales department at 855-743-2225 or use our contact form.

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